Black and White Flower Print


Looking for that personal touch? 

Or have an special request?

Due to Covid-19 all Commissions are currently closed. Gathering supplies has become more difficult/expensive.  There will be a posting when it is open again. 

All Commission work will require a non refundable deposit of 25% of the quote provided. 

You can use your own specimen.  If you are unsure on how to preserve your specimen until you are able to get it to me please contact me and I will help you. 

If the specimen is not in good condition I may suggest on other methods of preservation. 

Time estimates may vary due to the specimen and the process requested. 

Due to legalities, I can not and will not work with any kind of wild bird. Budgies, parrots and other bird type pets are fine. 

Wild game will have to have a permit number before I will take the order/deposit from you. NO EXCEPTIONS!

I am only excepting custom work for the following:

Comissoions are currently closed.